Veralite is light weight, easy to handle material, it is neutral in nature thereby doesn’t react with the construction materials. Can be used as aggregate in lightweight concrete, loose-fill insulation, special purpose plasters, insulating screeds. It is an excellent insulator. Veralite can be mixed with port land cement in the ratio of 1:4, can be used as roof insulation. It reduces the temperature inside the building up to 7 C, thereby conserving electricity, promoting greener option of living and reducing the cost of electricity. Veralite when mixed with plasters provides acoustic and thermal insulation. It is also fire resistant, can withstand higher temperatures.


Vermiculite provides excellent soil aeration, nutrition, can absorb and withhold water and moisture for a longer time. Veralite also improves the soil structure by providing the necessary nutrients for plant growth. It can be used by direct mixing with the soil, in hydroponics system, prevent rotting and mould formation in the root bulbs and seeds, can be used in root cutting and flower arrangement. Veralite has a pH of 7, which is neutral and doesn’t react with the soil and damage the seeds, saplings and plants rather promote plant growth and provides nutrients.


Veralite is a successful carrier substance for variety of additives, vitamins and nutrients. It doesn’t encourage the growth of fungus or moulds, thereby has no harmful or adverse effect on the animal’s health. Veralite also assists in the digestion process and provides vital nutrients and valuable minerals. Veralite is safe for health and can be used without any restrictions. Vermiculite contains numerous trace elements in their natural form as a mineral: Magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, copper and zinc. Thereby veralite is used to manufacture animal feed pellets, poultry feed, etc.


Vermiculite can withstand temperatures of up to 1100ºC.Vermiculite boards are used in refractory, interior of fire doors, fireplaces, kilns, linings in chimneys, additive to fireproof wallboards, used in AGA cookers as insulation. Due to its loose fill insulator quality, it can also be used for hot topping molten steel to reduce heat loss from ingots and ladles.


Vermiculite plasters consist of a blend of vermiculite aggregates with either gypsum or portland cement. When properly mixed with water they can be applied to walls and/or ceiling surfaces, or to metal wire-lath or gypsum lath for fireproofing structural steel. Both gypsum and cement plasters also can be used for lightweight insulating curtain wall construction and stairwell encasement. Savings in weight, space, labor and building materials are possible.

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