Sodium feldspar is also called as Soda feldspar. Sodium feldspar finds applications in vitrified tile, ceramic glazes, castings, polymers and plastic compounding, ceramics, glass, abrasives paints. Sodium feldspar is used as an effective removing agent and is also used in food preservation.

Soda Feldspar is used in sanitary and porcelain tile bodies, as flux in ceramic manufacturing, in production of porcelain stoneware, sanitary pottery and glazes, wind Plates, vitrified enamels, special Electrical porcelain, opalescent glass, pottery.

Based on the applications and customer requirement, the three main variants of sodium feldspar available are Sodium feldspar powder, Sodium feldspar lumps and Sodium feldspar grits.


Potassium feldspar is also called as potash feldspar. Potassium feldspar is an important ingredient of high tension insulator and also used as filler and extenders in applications such as paints, plastics and rubber. It also finds application in paint, mild abrasives, latex foam, the welding rod coating. Potassium feldspar is used in ceramic flooring sector and sanitary ware. Potassium feldspar can be in Powder, lumps and grits form. Based on the specification of the customer, Potash feldspar can be supplied in different sizes.

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